Potty Training

Friday, 23 July 2010, 12:57 | Category : Baby Essentials, Family, Parenting
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Potty Training. The big moment has arrived! It has begun. I am so NOT ready!

Aden is asking to use the potty (without prompting from me)! Due to no effort on our part, the bumbling parents, the child is doing what he is supposed to! All I can say is, “Thank You Daycare”! That’s the good part. The other part of this new adventure in parenting is that I am overwhelmed with sadness at how quickly he is growing up. This is one of the biggest challenges as a parent that I have been dreading.

I was completely floored when he asked to use the potty earlier last week after waking up with a wet diaper. The second time, whoa, this was momentous! Success! He sat on the potty and did what he was supposed to! A proud moment in parenthood! But alas, that was last week and this week we haven’t had as much progress.

I feel like the babysitter here, just hoping the kid knows what to do because I sure don’t. I’ve read everything there is to read about potty-training methods but somehow spending a whole weekend with a naked child forcing him to sit on the potty every twenty minutes doesn’t seem like a great way to teach a kid.

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Memories: Are they Linked?

Friday, 16 July 2010, 13:19 | Category : entertainment, Family, Parenting
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Life as Parents is almost two years old! I can’t believe we’ve been blogging for that long! I’m working on the ProBlogger Challenge today as I do want to improve my blog and I like easy baby steps such as a list of seven links. Can I skip any?

Blogging about parenting and life in general has been enlightening for both Kevin and myself. We’ve learned a lot about blogging! I read ProBlogger religiously every day! We’ve also learned a great deal about ourselves. Sometimes we are able get a perspective on each other through our writing that we aren’t quite able to get across in talking to each other.

Here is a quick synopsis of our past two years blogging as parents!

Getting Closer
Here is our first post, pre-baby! My inspiration to start blogging was…

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