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Life as Parents is almost two years old!  I can’t believe we’ve been blogging for that long! I’m working on the ProBlogger 7 link Challenge today as I do want to improve my blog and I like easy baby steps such as a list of seven links.  Can I skip any?

Blogging about parenting and life in general has been enlightening for both Kevin and myself.  We’ve learned a lot about blogging!  We’ve also learned a great deal about ourselves.  Sometimes my husband and I are able get a perspective on each other through our writing that we aren’t quite able to get across in talking to each other. 

Here is a quick synopsis of our past two years blogging as parents!

Getting Closer
Here is our first post, pre-baby!  Short but sweet.  My inspiration to start blogging was  I found her through an article somewhere.  I actually kept the article somewhere in the mess of my desk to always reference.  Here was someone laying her life experiences out there for the world to see!  If I could only be that brave!

Two posts I enjoyed writing the most were Nature Attack! and part II, Nature attacks, the House with the Mouse.  The situations were so funny and I still can’t believe I had a mouse in bed with me! UGH!!  Not too mention there have been updates that I haven’t blogged about yet.  How many times can one man get poisen ivy? 

Fall Behind on Spring Cleaning
Here is a post that had an interesting discussion comment in part due to my naivete and part due to my, shall we dare call it?, sarcasm!

I’m supposed to put in a post of something I wish I had written here by another blogger.  Can I say that every day I don’t write I wish I had and everytime I read another person’s blog I say to myself; that could be me.  There are so many brilliant talents out there working hard to let the world know.  Every day I find more and more bloggers I want to follow.  I just wish I had time to read them all!

Our most helpful post seemed to be Strategies of a Working Mom.  This was the most popular post of our blog!  I definitely need to write more posts like this as there seems to be a need for them, but who has the time now that the child is mobile?

All I want for my birthday is my son’s poopie diaper
One of the best titles we could have, or rather Kevin could have, ever come up with!  I don’t know what could possibly embarress our son more for years to come, unless it’s the picture of him on the potty!

Keeping Toddler Occupied
This is a post that I wish more people had read.  I asked my friends to pitch in and they had a lot of brilliant ideas.

Thanks for sticking around!!

~Life as Mom


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