Christmas Survival

Tuesday, 28 December 2010, 2:20 | Category : Family, Health, Holidays, Home, Toys
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We’ve done it!  We’ve survived the holiday!  Three trips to three doctors and all three of us on the mend!

Nothing as dramatic as squirrels eating through our vehicle engine wires but we did have a little bit of holiday drama.  All three of us came down with three different illnesses that had to be mended before we could enjoy Christmas!  Thank goodness for antibiotics! One solid week with all three of us basically in bed and after the holiday madness  another week at home recovering from the travels!

Aden enjoyed three lovely days of visiting family and receiving presents! The most memorable moment for me was of Christmas morning when Aden held a conversation with his two new playmates, King and Queen Castlehoff!  Two lovely puppets that Aden loves to talk to and spontaniously hug!  It was lovely!

Boy and his grandfather's train

Aden and his grandfather's train


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