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January 4.  So far, I’ve quit my job, managed to keep my New Year’s Resolution for four days straight, been offered another possible job and am wondering why people keep asking me if I’m ok.  Really, quitting a job isn’t the end of the world and believe it or not, I’m a LOT happier! All in all, I think it is going to be an exciting year! 

What will the end of this year be like?  Who knows? I have no idea but somehow knowing that it is all up to me and that, at least for this year, I won’t be having de ja vu every day of the week excites me!  If it weren’t for people in my life who were used to risk-taking and their support, I think I would go crazy.  Thank you Jamie, Renee and Cori! And thanks to people like Chris Guillebeau who are inspiring people like me to change the world and be unconventional!  I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Guillebeau on his Unconventional Book Tour last year in Tampa!

Unconventional Book Tour - Tampa

The Unconventional Book Tour - Tampa

My goals for the year?  I actually sat down and worked out a monthly grid at the beginning of last year.  When I reviewed it in December, I realized a few things.  Some goals were actually reached!  Some weren’t even touched.  So I can either try to add those back in this year or develop more fully the goals I did reach and expand on them.  This year – develop photography and blogging business. Make some money! Ha! If it weren’t for this external pressure to validate my decision to stay home, I wouldn’t even think about money and just do what I love!  Yes, I do intend to do that but if it weren’t for my husband there would still be the need for survival!

Being a full-time Mommy with Aden 24/7 is what really scares me!  His daycare did such a wonderful job with him and now his development, potty-training and manners will be all up to me!  This is what I wanted though, to be with him because time is short.  I can’t bear the thought of only seeing him on the weekends anymore.

After the bath

After the bath

 ~Life as mom


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