9 Lessons I Have Learned as a Stay-at-Home Mom

Friday, 18 February 2011, 18:15 | Category : Health, Parenting
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Toddler with seashells

Aden counting seashells

It has been a month since I have decided to be a stay-at-home mom and it has taken some getting used to.  I’m learning daily what it means to be home and be creative at the same time.  My inspiration has definitely been my son.  Here are nine lessons from the past few weeks.

1. The overwhelming urge to live in jogging suits and sweats dominates my mornings.  That is if I decided to get dressed.

2.  If I don’t get dressed, invariably someone will come to the door with a package.  Good encouragement to put my bra on.

3. I don’t like my life summed up as “Homemaker” on forms.  REALLY don’t like it.

4. As I knew it would be, protecting my personal time is still my biggest challenge. 

5.  I’ve figured out that I have to limit washing the dishes to once a day or I’ll spend the whole day in the kitchen.  (At least the dishes get washed a lot more often now than they did when I was working.)

6. I’m learning to relax and let go.  The goal is to not  replace one kind of stress with another.  I’m concentrating on doing things that I love doing. Consequently, I feel my creativity is increasing.

7. Stick to the schedule. Laundry on Mondays. Dishes once a day. Keep naptimes consistent! Glass Bottle of wine by 5:00pm. Forgot to take photo of son again.

8. The children’s shows that demostrate nice ants coming to the picnics doesn’t reconcile in a 2-year old’s mind when Mommy is yelling, “GET AWAY FROM THERE!  The (fire) ants (only kind in Florida) will bite and hurt you.”

9. There really is no quick explanation for the crazy woman yelling at her son because he is standing next to the “BAD” tree crawling with poisen ivy.  “BAD TREE! BAD TREE!”

~Life as Mom


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