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It’s May! Can you believe it?  I can’t!  I’ve been home since the middle of January and parenting from home…a whole new world!

I thought I would be a lot more scheduled and disciplined but I think I expected too much.  The biggest challenge has been to relax and to let go.  To just enjoy being with my son.  Believe it or not that has been a challenge for me.  It is not because of Aden either, he is absolutely wonderful and possibly the easiest kid in the world to get along with.  It has so much more to do with me.  I expect great things from me and I am my own boss now.  Boss wants lots of things done! Yesterday!  Learning to give myself a break has taken some time and I’m still working on it for sure!

Here is our daily routine!

8am Aden wakes me up sweetly by saying, “Moma, I sleep good.  I wake up.”

9am Breakfast and if I’m lucky I can interest Aden in the morning cartoons on PBS so that I can do my 20 minute yoga session. (Happens about twice a week.)

10am Make a point to get my teeth brushed and get dressed!

11am Either stay at home and do housework while Aden plays or watches TV or go to a park or the museum.

12pm Think about getting lunch.

1pm Try to get Aden to take a nap.

2pm Get the TV off and if Aden is sleeping, work on computer.  If he is not sleeping, make a point to go outside and play! Now it is warm enough to swim! Yea!

3:30pm Think about getting dinner ready and straightening up the house.

5-6pm Patiently await the love of my life to come home so I can hand over the kid!

Thank goodness for FRIDAYS! My mom takes him on Fridays and I wait all week for the day to come! Then when it gets here I don’t know what to do with myself! Too many options! Too much freedom!

I am definitely getting into a routine.  I’m not really a routine kind of person.  When I start seeing the routine I get restless, incredibly restless.  So yes, I am getting to that point where all I want to do is plan some trip somewhere.  I always feel like I’m master of my own destiny when I plan a trip somewhere. Plan it out, set it up, and make it happen.  Such a feeling of accomplishment!

I am trying to channel that energy into my photography work now.  Something I feel like there is just never enough time for!

I’ve reopened my Etsy shop and started filling it with my photographs!  Please check it out!

Rollen-Hanson Gifts Etsy shop

Rollen-Hanson Gifts Etsy Shop


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