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My memory I highlight today comes from a story I touched on in my first post in this series. When I was around nine years old or so my Dad had asked if I wanted to go to the family dairy farm at night to help him milk cows. The dairy farm was literally through the pasture way back behind the house I grew up in. I remember that I went down to the barn multiple times with him at night. To start the night out Dad always drank either foldgers crystals coffee but on special occasion he drank Irish Creme coffee from Barnees. So Dad and I would get in his truck with his coleman coffee mug and we would drive down to the dairy. My duties would be things like letting 25 cows in from the wash lot into the barn or washing the “left behinds” from the cows out of the barn. I had to let 25 cows in because at the time we had a 50 cow flat barn, 25 cows could stand on each side. The 25 cows would come in and be washed again, then milkers would dry their udders and then hang the machine on them for milking. This process was mainly done by two milkers and I think one feed person. The barn was setup in a way in which when the cows entered the stantions they would have feed in front of them. So as 25 cows left the feed person would come in with the feed cart and start putting fresh feed out in front of where the cows head would be located. You would lay out 25 feed piles and then come back and add water to the mix. This behind the scenes description sets up my story now. So we had a great many various folks work at the dairy. The one I think of here was “flash”. I honestly don’t remember her real name but she worked at the dairy. She got the nickname flash because she was amazingly fast at the feed dispensing job. She could pile up 25 piles of feed and then add water faster than anyone before in that job. Dad would always give me a hard time when I was up for the job because I was much slower than flash. This was all in jest because in the end Dad was never a mean hearted or cruel person. He always had a joke in most situations. I don’t remember what happend to flash, she may have moved out of town are gone off to another dairy. This was the way with most dairy help, you rarely got someone that you could hold on to for a long time.

~Life as Dad


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