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I am starting a new series called “Memories of my Dad”. My memories, pictures and video of my Dad are the most precious to me and hold great happiness when I reflect on him. I write this series because of recent events in my life have made me realize I should take stock in what I have in my life and how I should spend my time communicating the love, passion and friendship that I have for my spouse, my son and my entire family. I lost my Father at 14, he was 44, and I realize I must put down in writing my memories of him to somehow attempt to communicate the sheer magnitude of the love I felt for him and the love I felt from him. The fact that my Dad was 30 when I was born and the fact that I was 30 when I had my son  does not go unnoticed by me.

Son, I write this series most of all for you. You are going to have a lot of influences in your life and you are going to have relationships wth family and friends that will vary all your life. In all of these relationships I want to attempt to give you a connection to the one relationship that is impossible to have while on this Earth and that is one to your Grand-Father. My family has been essential in my relationship with my Mother’s Dad, my Papa. Even though my Papa passed before I was born I feel that I have a good connection of what the man was like thanks to the fantastic memories of my Mom and Nanny (Grand-Mother) as well as my Brothers. I will attempt to do the same as my family has done for me in sharing you my stories of my Father so you too can feel a connection to a most wonderful man.

Aden, I want you to know I love you so much, you have brought so many joys and lessons to your Mother and I. I hope by now I have been and will continue to be the Father you have always deserved to guide you into manhood. I do not want my series to dwell on how emotionally difficult the passing was for me, your Nana and Uncles but do know it was life altering. I felt that it matured me a lot faster than normal. I woke up from the daydream.

Your Grand-Father John Steven Hanson was born December 1, 1947. He was raised with your 11 Great Uncles and Aunts. He and your Nana dated in high school but then broke up and married other people until 15 years later they ran into each other again and ultimately married. I am a result of that reunited “lost” love.

I don’t know much about my Father during the years he was married to his first wife. I know he served in the United States Air Force as a C-141 jet engine mechanic. I know that he bought a 1967 Ford Mustang when he was 21 in 1968. He and his first wife did not have any children together. I know he worked for the now defunct company Florida Bonded Pools and also the defunct Big Star grocery chain. Perhaps this gap of time can be better researched as I write this series.

Now on to the first few memories…

My earliest memories of my Dad are that of being carried back to my bed after falling asleep in my parents bedroom. This I have done with you countless times already.

I remember going on a short mountain hike with my Dad and brothers while we took a rare family vacation to North Carolina and the Great Smoky Mountains.

I remember holding my Dad’s coffee canister in the truck while I rode with him down to the dairy so that he could milk cows.

These and many other memories are examples of what I have in my head that I want to share in this series. I have to admit that when I attempt to cover this topic about my Dad, my feelings for him may be of idealism of the memory of him but he was really an ideal man and Father. Dad was well liked, jovial and fun loving. He conveyed to me his care and guidance in the short time I had with him.

As for the rest of the viewing public I hope you can find inspiration for your own “memories” project from my series as well as enjoy what I am attempting to do with my family by writing out my memories.

~Life as Dad



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