Mom’s Embarrassing Moment

Friday, 2 September 2011, 16:32 | Category : Family, Milestones, Parenting
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I had a few free moments before a play-date at the splash park this week and I thought I would hit a thrift store I hadn’t been to yet.

It was an awesome little store with a closed-in kids play area.  SWEET!  I put Aden in the play area and headed straight for the boys clothing area.

The next thing I hear is a lady saying, “Is this your baby?” I don’t have a baby any more (sad) but what the heck I better turn around and check.  The lady is staring at Aden.

I follow her gaze and see that Aden has pulled down his shorts and is peeing on the floor. In the play area.  On the rug.

“Aden, what are you doing?” I say as calmly as I can while trying to get over the barricade to him.

To her grace and my gratitude, the cashier was more than kind.  Of course, I had to buy stuff to make it worth her while to clean up the mess which she had done by the time I could get back from the bathroom from cleaning up my potty-trained (sometimes) son.

I should have taken a picture.

~Life as Mom


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