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Dad and son driving boat
Fun on the Rainbow River

Summer fun began with a trip to the Rainbow River Memorial Day weekend.  My family has cabins there and we always look forward to visiting.  Our favorite part is a lovely boat ride up and down the Rainbow River.

I have other events planned for the summer including the museum, bowling and movies.  We have to find indoor activities in the summer because it is just too hot and sunny!  I don’t mind the sun but my skin does.  I’ve just had a couple of precancerous spots removed and have been trying to stay out of the sun.  Hard to do when you have a pool!

Last week we participated in the Largest Swimming Lesson in the World for the Guinness Book of Records at the local public pool.  That was fun.

I can’t believe how much Aden has grown in the past year.  He is potty-trained; although embarrassing to his older self reading this, it is important in the here and now!  He sleeps through the night in his own bed now with the occasional visit to our bed.

He can operate Netflix like a pro.  He loves computer games but has some horrible withdrawal symptoms when it is time to get off so we don’t let him play too often.  He is mastering his puzzles and although he doesn’t know the alphabet yet he has mastered a few letters.

I have to start thinking about his birthday in the fall.  He informs everyone (I mean everyone) that we meet when his birthday is and that he is going to have TWO Spiderman cakes!  I think the time has past when I can choose his themes for him.

Speaking of birthdays, we are going to have a give-away next week from The Party Works so come back on Monday to enter!

~Life as Mom


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