UPDATED January 2010

As the year 2009 closes out I would like to share with you our goals for the future.  Most of these goals are outlined as our new set of policies.  Whatever isn’t covered here we will make up as we go along.

As of October 2009 the Federal Trade Commission requires that bloggers disclose any and all “material connections.”  http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2009/10/endortest.shtm

We are law-abiding citizens and wish to comply with any laws.  ESPECIALLY if it will help us make money!  We have linked to products and books that have been helpful to us, that we find exciting as parents, that we love to share with others.  We DO NOT get paid for this and do not intend to.  Sharing knowledge in my opinion should always be free but then again I paid for a college education. 

I love blogging for the very fact that I can throw out to the universe my opinions and whether anyone reads them or not I have found a very therapuetic form of journaling.  This is narcassistic and I don’t care.  So feel free to read our policies as of now.  If we were actually making money from this site….well, then I might have to revise. Until then…

At this point in time we have no affiliations with other bloggers, companies or advertising agencies.  We are always open for business though! 

We do have advertising through GoogleAds on our site.  I believe we have made $3 since we started using GoogleAds about a year ago.  If this makes you jealous, I’ll be happy to put together an e-book for you on how to do it. 

Product Endorsements
As of this point time, I have only recieved one item in exchange for a blog and I’ve taken the blog down since then.  I still have the product but don’t use it.  The exchange was well before the new law took place and I feel no need to tell you what it was.

LifeasParents Policy
1.  We will disclose within each post the affiliation or exchange.  Our policy is always to be honest and forthright.  We will not feel the need to tell you the terms or amounts of the contract.  Whether or not your perception of reality is the same as ours is another matter. 

2. We wish to avoid any and all lawsuits so if you think we have enough money to sue us for, please feel free to contact us first.  We will happily dissuede you and give you lots of what we do have for free-ADVICE!

3. We are in the market for affiliations (have to get more readers first), content marketing (have to get more readers first), product give-aways (have to get more readers first) and any other legal money-making schemes available to parenting bloggers.

4. Any conflicts of interest….hmmm….well that would probably be too exciting to not talk about!

5. Please let us know how we can help YOU!  If you would like us to sell you something, let us know! Mommy would sure love to work from home!

~Life as Mom and Dad

Contact: rollenhanson@gmail.com