Our Travels to Orlando

Traveling with a toddler and the bathrooms that need work.
Orlando was great and hot! Nothing like a Florida vacation at the height of summer! I took Aden to the Central Florida Zoo on Saturday. He recognized the elephants! That was fun. The best part of the zoo was the Splash Park they have for little kids. Aden loved it! I thought he would be afraid of the water but he wasn’t. He wanted me to walk him all around the Splash Park. I got soaked but it was completely worth it. He enjoyed himself so much!


Traveling with Baby

Thursday, 30 July 2009, 9:53 | Category : Baby Essentials, Birthday, entertainment, Family, Hobbies, Parenting, Toys, Travel
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Traveling with baby to Downtown Disney for the first time this weekend. How this mom prepares for one squirmy kid.
Disney this weekend! Well, actually Downtown Disney to be precise. But it is close enough and Aden won’t know the difference. We are going to try out the new restaurant, T-REX, which we have heard lots of wonderful things about. I’m a closet paleontologist so I’ll pretend that I’m twelve and get in the sandpit with the kids to dig for bones. (Yea, I do know that I don’t look anywhere near 12.)