Milestones at 7 months

Friday, 24 April 2009, 16:37 | Category : Birthday, Family, Milestones, Parenting
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Milestones at Aden’s seventh month birthday.
Today you are seven months old. You are half as tall as your grandmother-Noni. You are learning to sit up on your own. If fact, you sat up on your own last night for the first time. Your Noni and I laughed and clapped and you just looked up and smiled a great big smile like it was nothing and you knew you could do it all along.



Tuesday, 3 March 2009, 14:26 | Category : Baby Essentials, Birthday, Milestones, Parenting, Work
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My baby is growing up so fast. He is hitting milestones daily and the worst part is I don’t get to see them much as I am at work.