Memories: Are they Linked?

Friday, 16 July 2010, 13:19 | Category : entertainment, Family, Parenting
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Life as Parents is almost two years old! I can’t believe we’ve been blogging for that long! I’m working on the ProBlogger Challenge today as I do want to improve my blog and I like easy baby steps such as a list of seven links. Can I skip any?

Blogging about parenting and life in general has been enlightening for both Kevin and myself. We’ve learned a lot about blogging! I read ProBlogger religiously every day! We’ve also learned a great deal about ourselves. Sometimes we are able get a perspective on each other through our writing that we aren’t quite able to get across in talking to each other.

Here is a quick synopsis of our past two years blogging as parents!

Getting Closer
Here is our first post, pre-baby! My inspiration to start blogging was…

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What if you could read what your parents were thinking?

Friday, 19 February 2010, 17:27 | Category : Family, Home, Parenting
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Purusing the thought of what our parents would have blogged about. Would we want to know? What a glimpse at old correspondance can do to affirm our history.