Parenting a Toddler

Wednesday, 8 September 2010, 16:01 | Category : Birthday, Milestones, Parenting
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We are planning for the 2nd birthday party! I designed his birthday card again this year which I’m excited about. Soon he’ll want to do his own thing so I’m taking advantage of doing non-Disney themes as long as I can!

Each birthday I reflect on what kind of parent I am and how I did the past year. How does one parent a sensitive two-year old who isn’t afraid of thunder but worries about the dogs outside? A child that is quick to react to the moods of his parents? A child that will only relax when both parents are sitting down relaxing? Are all 2-year olds this sensitive? He is testing his independance by saying “No” to everything, even when he means yes. At least this tells me he is whithin normal parameters.

Aden isn’t quite two yet but at the end of this month he will be! Even though he is getting testy, I still believe he is more even-tempered than most little boys I’ve known!

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